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Get the LED Lighting Advantage

LED Lighting is the new choice for smart home owners and builders. It offers many advantages over traditional lighting including:

LED Lighting Details


LED Lighting is Energy Star approved. They produce 75% more light for less watts. In fact, LED Lighting consumes 90% less power than an incandescent. And, the low power consumption makes LED Lighting the perfect choice for solar powered installations, such as remote locations. Over its long lifespan, LED Lighting pays for itself in energy savings alone. The more fixtures you have, the more you save.


This is where LED Lighting really shines! No other lighting comes close to the longevity of LEDs. An LED fixture can last 20 years when lit for 8 hours a day. That’s 20 times longer than CFLs and 133 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
Plus, current material research is pushing that lifespan even higher. By the time you need to replace it, you can expect to do so with a lamp that will last nearly 30 years!

The U.S. Department of Energy released a report that demonstrates how many bulbs it would take to produce 20 million lumen-hours of lighting service. Here are the results:

1 LED Lamp
3 CFLs
22 Incandescent bulbs


LED Lighting produces extremely little heat. This makes them cool to the touch and saves you even more on energy costs by not heating the environment.

Running cool also reduces their risk as a fire hazard. This is especially important when mounting under-the-counter fixtures. LED fixtures are durable and rugged. The LEDs are encapsulated in an epoxy resin. No more broken glass to handle.

Go Green

LED Lighting has no mercury. They are made from non-toxic materials, all of which are recyclable. The manufacturing process to build LED fixtures also has a lower environmental impact over both incandescent and CFL.


LED Lighting fixtures employ special blending filters that can achieve millions of light color choices including white. You can select the tone that is just right for any space, whether that is a warm glow to bright daylight.

The Perfect Choice

With all of their advantages, LED Lighting is the perfect choice for new construction or lighting replacements.

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